About Connected DA Service

Connected DA Service allows you to connect your smartphone to receive vehicle information, warnings, and other data. Check information on your smartphone such as Driving Range, Mileage, and Driving Time , as well as Warning Notifications.

* ‘Connected DA Service’ is referred to as ‘C-DA Service’ in the TOYOTA CONNECT mobile app.

Connecting Your Smartphone


Use Bluetooth pairing to connect your smartphone and Connected DA.


After pairing is complete, launch the TOYOTA CONNECT app on your smartphone.


Information is collected each time the engine is switched on or off or when warning lights switch on or off. Check the information on your smartphone.

Connected DA

What You Can Do with TOYOTA CONNECT


Easily check the driving data on your smartphone

You can check the status of your vehicle and statistical data of your vehicle usage on your smartphone. You can easily find the daily and monthly usage data of your vehicle at a glance.


Check your miles remaining by the amount of remaining fuel level and total average fuel consumption.


Check your daily or monthly Mileage.


Check your daily or monthly Driving Time.


Get early warnings about your car

In the event that a problem occurs in your car, you can check warning messages in the smartphone app.

  • * When the app is connected to Connected DA
  • * Indicated warnings will differ depends on Vehicle Specifications
  • * Not all warnings will be shown on app

When your car issues a warning, a message is displayed on the top screen of the app.

You can check the details of the warning message, and then press the Call button to immediately connect to our call center.

List of functions

Owners of New Vehicle*2
Owners of Used Vehicle
Connected DA Service*1
Warning Notification
Dashboard Status (Odo, Fuel)
Statistical Driving Data
Common Function
*1 For vehicles equipped with Connected DA.
*2 Connected DA Service is free for life from registration of the service.

What You Can Do with the On-board Device


Display and operate smartphone apps with the trending connected functions on DA

Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto When connecting with Apple CarPlay
  • Refer to the Apple website for countries in which Apple CarPlay is available.
  • Refer to the Google website for countries in which Android Auto is available.
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